Founder: Joseph DiFiglia 

During the past several years, Joe has transitioned his career from equity investing to economic education.  In 2013, he established the nonprofit New Jersey Council for Economic Education at NJCU, where he currently serves as Executive Director and NJCU professor.  


In 1992, he received his M.A. in Economics at NYU, where he was introduced to “the economic way of thinking” through the great works of the Austrian Economics scholars.  His personal mission is to promote all the societal benefits of peaceful and voluntary cooperation between free individuals. 


The pride of Joe’s home library is his rare book collection which spans four centuries of economic and philosophical thought.


Meet the Team

Alcides Aguasvivas

Alcides is the co-founder of Pixl-Graphx Inc., an award-winning, creative agency with over fifteen years of experience. As a multi-hyphenate, Alcides is also an acclaimed photographer whose work can be found amongst the likes of Starbucks, Lindt Chocolate, and Target. His photography has also been published in Living Décor by Maria Colletti. He is deeply passionate for all things NFT and Crypto, and is currently working on a new venture, Netty Art, a hub for the latest NFT news, interviews, rankings, and buy ratings launching Q4 of 2021.


Carlos Aguasvivas

Carlos is the founder of CXA Marketing Services, a company dedicated to web and software development. Recently, Carlos jumped on the Blockchain bandwagon, developing in Javascript, ReactJs, and Solidity, working on the Moralis platform to develop an NFT Marketplace. Carlos also acquired working knowledge of Ganache, Truffle, and Remix to do testing on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Currently working with his brother, Alcides Aguasvivas, on Netty Art, a hub for the latest NFT news, interviews, rankings and buy ratings launching Q4 of 2021.


Jeff Gonzalez

Jeff is the founder and president of One80 Digital, a boutique digital marketing company in Central, New Jersey. Over the course of 20 years in the field, Jeff has mastered advertising and marketing within both the traditional and digital realms. In his advertising career, he’s teamed up with internationally recognized and award-winning creative directors working on national and international projects. His expertise lies in business development, marketing strategy, and digital marketing.


Ken Glover

Ken is a partner and the development brain behind more than a decade of infrastructure and digital project growth at One80 Digital. Ken’s day includes a great deal of strategic development planning, software and application integration, and systems management. For over 20 years, Ken has learned each new web technology as it emerges, for web development, integration, software development, web portals, content management, UI/UX, and creative advertising services.